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Please, follow these simple recommendations to avoid your web page being rejected:
-We accept websites from all countries but since we try to review each URL submission, please use an English title and description so we can understand your information. If your are adding a Spanish website please go to our dedicated Spanish search engine.
-Do not enter a title or description with all upper case letters. Inappropriate capitalization of words is not accepted.
-Do not start your title with non-alphanumeric characters such as ! or -. Please do not use excessive exclamation marks, question marks or any other inappropiate symbol.
-Do not use special characters such as # ^ { !! ?? | @ > < [, and so on, to dress up your site title or description.
-We are not accepting pages that promote hate, violent or innapropiate content.
-The description cannot be exactly the same as the title and must be a phrase which makes sense, not simply words separated by commas.
-Do not use promotional language such us -the best-, -the only-
-We do not accept pages under construction, duplicate pages or 'mirror' pages.
-Please do not include products pricing, telephone numbers, postal addresses or emails in your description or title. is not a classified ads board.
-We do not accept sites built specifically for Adsense or other advertising services.
-Do not submit multiple pages with the same title and description or your website will be automatically rejected and deleted for any future listing.
-Add only the most important web pages or the key sections from your website. Submitting hundreds of pages from the same site will automatically block your IP address and your web site will be removed.
-Titles and descriptions are subject to change by our editors.
-Enter a valid email or your website will be automatically rejected and blocked for any future listing.

By sending this form you agree to Comoestamos privacy policy and terms of use.
Thanks for colaborating with your content and for following these tips.

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